African Americans in the Northern Dallas Suburbs

The Northern Dallas suburbs are the epicenter of suburbia in the DFW area. While still majority white, they are far more diverse than average suburbs across the county. African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics have been moving to the northern burbs in large numbers in celebration of their upper-middle to middle class lifestyles. Well over 100,000 African Americans live in this area and that population is steadily growing. In fact, the these cities experienced the fastest growth percentage of African Americans in the North Texas region.

The northern suburbs are the most popular and fastest growing areas for all ethnic backgrounds. These areas contain some of the region’s largest employment centers with several million of square feet in office space. Many are attracted here because of the proximity to jobs and to have access to some of the areas top shopping centers.

Although one can find mostly or all Black middle-class communities in the southern suburbs, many African Americans prefer to be closer to their jobs or would rather experience the diversity that can be found in some of the suburbs north of Dallas.

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